Commitment To Excellence

Providing strength and stability in the North Fulton community and surrounding Atlanta community.

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Dear Friends:
This was a monumental year for the Commitment to Excellence, Inc. Foundation.  We were established to serve as a vehicle to improve the lives of individuals within our local communities. The mission of Commitment to Excellence, Inc. is to identify, obtain and gift resources to support programs and activities that enhance the lives of the youth within our service area. Commitment to Excellence, Inc. is instrumental in providing funding to a variety of programs such as scholarships to deserving high school graduates, mentoring programs for young male students, and other organizations like the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.
The Foundation remains optimistic about the future and the investment in our youth. In the past five years, we have contributed over $93,000 in scholarships to high school seniors matriculating into college.
Commitment to Excellence, Inc. has a strong group of talented Board members which effectively manages the resources and overhead expenses which means more than 95 cents of every dollar donated supports our programs.  If you like to “do good,” there’s nothing I’ve been a part of that surpasses the work and impact we have done through Commitment to Excellence, Inc. with connecting with our youth in the community.
We hope you can be a part of our CTE annual campaign while making an investment today to improve the development, quality of life and educational opportunity of our youth.   We invite you to make a contribution of any size.
Warmest regards,
Kenneth Howard - President,

Commitment to Excellnce, Inc.

About Us

Commitment to Excellence, Inc. (CTE) is a not-for-profit entity established by the Delta Mu Mu Chapter as an independent philanthropic extension of the chapter.

About Us


Commitment to Excellence, Inc. (CTE) is a not-for-profit entity.  We partner with many businesses, groups  and orgaizations across all landscapes.  Your donations helps partner with our vision.


Success Stories

Commitment to Excellence, Inc. (CTE) is dedicated to your youth.  We want to provide positive, infuentical and strong role models.  Allowing them to see that thier vision is ahead of them.

Sucess Stories

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